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New free Deep Learning lecture series from DeepMind and UCL

Specialists from DeepMind in cooperation with University College London (UCL) have recently launched a new series of lectures dedicated to the specifics of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This course if freely accessible to everyone, and features a great lineup of lecturers from leading AI research labs, and with vast practical and scientific experience in building intelligent systems. In these series you will learn many important subjects, including fundamentals of construction and application of complex functions required to process raw data at exceptional accuracy and scale, application of deep learning to solve problems in object and speech recognition, speech synthesis, prediction of trends, AI-based control, scientific computing. Lectures also present and discuss practical examples that are already adopted in different industries such as healthcare, video game production, transportation, and manufacturing. Currently DeepMind x UCL Deep Learning series consists of 6 lectures, with plans to increase this number to a total of 12.